The face coverings including the following features:
    • Pre-shrunk fabric for stable sizing after washing.
    • Machine washable for long term use.
    • All fabric is 100% Cotton. 
    • Thread is a mix of poly-nylon and cotton.  Suitable for home washing and drying.  (Not suitable for autoclave sterilization.)
    • Multiple layers of fabric inherent to the design (1 outer layer and a double layer of lightweight lining fabric = 3 total layers)
    • A pocket to accept additional filter material as desired. (Filter element provided by user.)
    • A formable and removable nose bridge which allows the covering to follow the contour of the face and ensures a snug fit.

    • We offer two configuration options: a knit tie, which can be configured over-the-head or elastic ear loops for behind-the-ear.  The over-the-head configuration is the most secure and is the recommended configuration.  If you prefer elastic ear loops for behind-the-ear configuration, please leave a comment in Notes at checkout stating that you would like elastic ear loops.