How to configure the ties:

Listed below are the vertical lengths of each face covering, good reference for sizing.

For sizing, use a flexible tape measure or similar to measure the distance from the mid-point of the nose (halfway between the bridge and tip) to the under side of the chin. (In the alternative a string can be placed in the same manner and measured on a conventional ruler or tape measure.)  This is the area to be covered by the face covering.  The tape measure should drape in the manner the cloth will follow (e.g. an arced line from the top of the nose to under the chin and not following the contours of the face).  Make sure the vertical length of the face covering spans the distance illustrated below, including wrapping around the underside of the chin.


Adult Extra Large ~ 7 inches

Adult Large ~ 6-1/2 inches

Adult Small/Medium ~ 6 inches

Child Large/Tween ~ 5-1/2 inches

Child Small Medium ~ 4-3/4 inches